Conbello Textile offers a complete service from free design support to the most suitable fabric selection, different types of high quality sewing, all known printing systems (including Nano Technological Printing and Embroidery), custom printed packaging and door-to-door delivery.

In the section below, you can get detailed information about the private label t-shirt group.


T-shirt group sportswear, contrary to popular belief, is the standard and most basic product group with almost unlimited options.  In this group, Round or V-neck T-shirts, Compression T-Shirt, Fit or Oversize T-shirts and Tank-Top sportswear are manufactured.

The most common mistake is, unfortunately, the same fabric type and sewing systems are often used in the T-shirt group products mentioned above.  If you want to produce a premium sportswear, you should not use the same fabric and sewing system for the Compression T-shirt and Oversize T-shirt.

Also, an important thing to consider is that if you choose the wrong fabric, there may be wrinkles when your customers wear the T-shirt even once. 100% Cotton fabrics will always have this wrinkling problem unless some Spandex is used.

Which Printing System Should Be Used on Which Fabric?

As Conbello Textile, we successfully apply all known and unknown printing systems to all known fabric types.

In T-shirt group products, Screen Printing system is generally used for Cotton and/or Cotton-Spandex blend fabrics.  Of course, Screen Printing applications are very diverse. However, we use the most ideal and highest quality water-based system that has passed all tests successfully. For Screen Printing, we use 14 Colors full system.

For T-shirt group sportswear, we also use much more prestigious printing systems and we strongly recommend them. You will have unlimited options for your brand logo or slogan such as Premium Transfer Printing, Fully Organic Silicone Injection Printing, Nano Technological Printing, Embossed Printing, Standard or 3-Dimensional Flexo (Heat Sealed Printing) Printing.

EMBROIDERY APPLICATIONS:  We can embroider your Brand Logo on all fabrics made of Cotton or Polyester. The point to be noted here is that great care should be taken when embroidering a fabric with a light weight. Otherwise, shrinkage of the embroidery threads and thus deterioration will occur. We successfully apply all printing systems and embroidery applications for any fabric type weighing 140-220 Gr.

As the Conbello Textile family, we will always be at your side regarding the most ideal design for your brand, the most suitable fabric selection and the most suitable printing systems for your product.

We would like to remind you that we will be glad to answer all your questions.

You can reach us at to send us your thoughts and designs. Or you can use our contact form by clicking the link.

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If you wish, you can read SPORT CLOTHING STAGE 1 to get an idea about your sportswear designs.



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