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Can a sports bra improve your athletic performance?  Is the Sports Bra only worn in the gym and during running exercises?

After a short search on the internet, you will find numerous Sports Bra types.  So, how much do these Sports Bra sellers you see know the features of the product they are selling? Or does he not know?  How suitable is the purpose of use, fabric type and printing system of Sports Bra?

Actually, the sad truth is this. Most of the Sports Bra sellers and manufacturers do not have full knowledge of the subject.  

Many sports bra fabrics are similar in appearance. Unfortunately, they are not of the same quality. So, what are the consequences of not having the same quality?  Shortly after you sell the Sports Bra, the color of the fabric starts to fade after washing. Also, the print you use on it will start to peel off and give color.  In addition, unfortunately, you are exposed to misleading information about many fabrics that do not sweat during sports or in hot weather and that remove sweat quickly.

If you really want your business to last and grow, we strongly recommend that you start with Conbello Textile, who will be extremely focused and advise you, and thanks to its many years of experience.

As with our other product lines, within Sports Bra we will advise you on the range of high quality fabrics best suited for you and the highest quality printing system for your customers.

The benefits of sports bras :
The benefits of sports bras are not unique to the gym. There are many health benefits that can keep you using them.

It will give the best support during exercise:
If you exercise or usually run or play sports that require more exercise, a sports bra can help reduce exercise, which helps prevent stretching and tearing of the ligaments around the chest wall. A tear can cause permanent loosening, which is why coaches and doctors recommend choosing a sports bra.

It will help relieve chest pain:
The pectoral muscles and ligaments of women move sideways and up and down; this constant stretching can cause chest pain.

It is designed to block movement while providing comfort, and the bra straps are virtually painless during exercise.

Balances your sweating and temperature:
In the further development of sportswear, new fabrics make it more functional. A good sports bra can absorb sweat and increase air circulation, keeping your body cool and dry. This means you can exercise more comfortably and effectively.

You will get the full feeling of comfort:
The sports bra provides maximum comfort with wider shoulder straps and more coverage and distributes breast tissue more evenly. Because it has no bones, hard ribs and comfortable materials, chest movement, abrasions and abrasions are minimized.

Best Sports Bra For High Impact Workouts
If you work out intensely, you should choose a high impact sports bra that will help you with your workout. A good high-impact sports bra should have 4-way stretch to allow for greater freedom of movement. A high impact bra should have moisture wicking material that will keep you cool and dry during exercise and allow you to push your limits.

If you are looking for a good sports bra for your high-impact workout, you will be very satisfied with the high-quality, color-stabilized 4-way stretch fabrics that we recommend. You can do all of your workouts with ease. Aside from these features, this bra has all the features you need before you buy a high impact bra.
When you send us your designs, we will be happy to advise you on all of the above features.

Best Sports Bra for Running :
When you run, you will naturally get sweaty; this will result in you feeling uncomfortable. This moisture can result in affecting your workouts and stop you from pushing your limits. A good sports bra that can be used for running is one that is made of a moisture wicking fabric.

As Conbello Textile, our Sports Bra range with moisture absorbing feature, color stability and high quality stitching will satisfy you greatly.

Best Sports bras for Medium-High Hold :
A medium-high-grip bra additionally falls below the class of high-impact sports bra, that means it provides a elastic and comfy feel, excellent for any style of strength training.

Conbello Textile is specially designed for this sort of coaching with its ultra-high quality, medium-high grip and removable bra pads, perfect for any strength training. it’s a cross-back strap that adds each grip and magnificence to your bra.

The best sports bra for medium-intensity training :

If you are usually doing low-impact workouts, then you need a sports bra that is light and has a snug feel to it. Low-impact sports bras also offer a 4-way stretch for a wider range of motion, but they are not as firm as high-impact sports bras.

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