sportswear stage 2

Second stage in private label sportswear manufacturing

When we mutually agree on your designs, we send a sample to your address by air cargo.  Once you receive the sample products, we get your approval for wholesale manufacturing or make any changes you want.

Continuing from the previous section, after your sportswear designs come to us, we make a detailed review. This review is not limited to tech packs or technical drawings of clothing products.  This review is vital to you.  While examining your sportswear designs, we also examine very important sensitive issues such as the fabric you want to use, Printing and Embroidery. We can give unlimited examples in this regard. To give an example, the type of fabric or weight you want to use for your dream sportswear product may not give the exact result you want. Or when you want to use polyester-based fabric, the weight and delicate qualities of polyester fabric may not be suitable for your sportswear brand logo. For a more technical explanation, you may want to screen print your brand logo on a polyester-based fabric.    When you want to apply your brand logo on a polyester-based fabric, we warn you and offer some advice. Instead of screen printing, we can recommend one of the unlimited printing types such as Embroidery / Flexo / Silicone Injection.

If we talk about sportswear designs, we can give a simple example.

You are thinking of having a great Leggings produced for your brand. Your legging fabric, high or standard waist choice is great. You have solved the printing system of your brand logo and the area to be printed without any problems.  And finally you prepared a tech pack. But it could be a minor problem.   In the Leggings design, where you spent a lot of time, you kept the back waist area of the Leggings at the same level with the front part.  

And here is a vital mistake!

It might look like a great Leggings when you pick it up and look at it. However, when worn, you will see a very serious problem. Because, Leggings you kept the front and back area at the same level!

As a result, you don’t have to worry about anything.  We will inform you about all the issues that come to your mind or not, and we will make all necessary corrections.

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