sportswear stage 6

how we work


When you think of wholesale manufacturing, you may think of producing thousands of products.  As a standard, our minimum order acceptance quantity is 500 Pieces for each design and a total of at least 2000 Pieces.  However, this of course does not mean that we do not accept orders in smaller quantities.  We say that we can only make the most appropriate pricing for the orders we mentioned.


If all is well with your wholesales already, you can order in large quantities.

If you are a start-up, it is natural to have some doubts about which sportswear product will sell best.  In this case, starting with low order quantities may be a good start for you and therefore for us.  Later, when your sales start to increase, you can see ahead and place higher order quantities.

If we start from the beginning, we are ready for wholesale production when your designs are mutually approved, after receiving your sample products and revise if necessary.

Now that we’ve reached the wholesale manufacturing stage, you already know that our prices are all-inclusive.  You know that all the labels of your sportswear product, including woven fabric labels or transfer printing labels, and your washing instruction labels are included in our prices.

How should the labeling of sportswear be?

Of course, the final decision is yours, but for some sportswear products, we can recommend transfer printing labeling, which looks much higher quality, instead of woven fabric labels.    Woven fabric labels can be removed and discarded immediately by the end user. However, this is out of the question for transfer print labeling.   

Thus, your brand logo will always be in sight of the end user. Here is another advertising opportunity for you without spending any money!